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Viruses and their harmful effects on the computers are commonly known to all. A virus invasion in your PC often results in slow functioning, disturbed performance, and system crash in some cases. In such situation, the first step you often take is installing an antivirus and run a scan for detecting the virus. Though your antivirus application may remove the virus but it might be unable to remove the effects the virus lays on file system and the windows registry. To maintain your system’s health and make it function appropriately, you may take the assistance of Virus Effect Remover 2.1. The application is capable of scanning your PC to detect and remove the virus effects. It’s well equipped to identify the registry errors triggered by viruses, and brings the blocked content such as task manager, folder option, registry editor, etc, back to life.

The Virus Effect Remover 2.1 presents an interface laced with different options that placed on the screen with the running processes displayed on right panel. If you wish to stop any process, simply select it and press Kill Selected Process. Further, the mid left screen area has upper dialog box presenting ‘Button Functionality’ with mouse over on options. Further, you’re provided ‘Run Remover’, ‘AutoRun Option’, ‘Tools’, and ‘Registry and Repair Tools’. For removing the virus effects, you just have to press ‘Run Remover’ button. The next ‘AutoRun Option’ enables you to get the AutoRun.inf File Status, Block USB AutoRun, and Show Suspicious Files. ‘Tools’ feature is provided to access Task Manager, Registry Editor, MSconfig, and Process List, for controlling applications and processes running on your system. Even, before repairing registry you can create registry backup, which can be restored when required. Moreover, the users can check the System Files and also access ‘Folder Option’, for ensuring proper functioning. Along with these, it comes with features like ‘Generate Running Process List’, ‘Repair Tools’, ‘Restrict Virus To Run’, and Explorer to work with.

The Virus Effect Remover 2.1 functions with efficacy in removing the registry errors and other harmful effects laid by viruses, on your PC. It can remove the effects on viruses within minutes owing to its sophisticated feature set which earns it a score of 4 rating points.

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